A free and open source self-hosted personal finance tracker


Transaction management

Gnomeshade features a double-entry bookkeeping system. You can quickly enter and organize your transactions in multiple currencies.

Overview of all transactions over the past two months

Automatically import transactions

Automatically sync transactions from your bank using Nordigen or import ISO 20022 reports.

Automatically categorize purchases

Link receipts from paperless-ngx to transactions and automatically categorize the purchases.

Multi-user support

Multiple users can register and share accounts using either built-in authentication or OIDC.

Informative reports

Gnomeshade has advanced reporting capabilities, showing your total balance, spending per category and prices over time. It can also show how much you've paid or received from different accounts or counterparties.

Candlestick graph of account balance for the past three years


All functionality used by the desktop client application is available via a REST API, and a .NET API client is available as a NuGet package.

Auto-generated swagger page from OpenAPI 3 definition